Sensual By Nature Tantra with Dakini Oceana

3. Soul Evolution; Releasing Ego Thoughts

March 24, 2019

When something naturally occurs in a persons life that causes him or her to refocus, there is an opening for and from which the soul has emerged in a more profound and clear alignment of spirit. This is what I mean when I use the phrase “Soul Evolution.” At these openings a person is often led to reach deep within, to reflect on how they truly want to live their life. As the person follows this more vibrantly voiced intuitive guidance, this state of “Soul Evolution” leads persons to different and higher pathways of life. Soul evolution brings a person to a more awakened state and place of hope, faith, and love. One is compelled to visit sacred sites, seek master instructors, gain fortitude of confidence in their insight. Through the wish and readiness in the soul’s universal alignment to evolve, this “Soul Speak” inspires and promotes vital life force energy and one’s internal intention required to transform. Through the place of innermost truth, “Soul Evolution” provides one with organically embraced universal actions, while this new level of spiritual alignment and expansiveness is found and steadily footed. . .

“Soul evolution naturally occurs when something happens in one’s life that causes him or her to refocus. . .”

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