Sensual By Nature Tantra with Dakini Oceana

5. The Vocal Vibration; Sacred Prayer and Harmonious Union

March 24, 2019

We live in a vibratory universe. Every part of us is vibrational — we oscillate our legs one in front of the other to move from place to place; we breathe rhythmically; our heart and brain rhythms; pulsations of our cells, molecules, proteins and atomic structures. We’re a wind instrument; a tube with holes in us through which we blow air. Breath becomes energy in our bodies, which in Tantra Yoga we learn to use for healing and purification.Vocal resonance like chanting or singing, can harmonize, align, integrate your body. Making sound allows you to express more openly, tune in to the now, others around you, and divinity in a sacred manner. Join me as we discuss your voice in Sensual Living, Sacred Prayer, and Harmonious Union.

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