Sensual By Nature Tantra with Dakini Oceana

6. Chakra Love; Understanding and Balancing Your Body Energy

March 24, 2019

Energy flows to in your chakras from the world around you and out to the world from within, as well as up and down between them. Your chakras can become blocked, making you feel physically or mentally sick and out of balance. Fully open,clockwise spinning chakras help energy to flow freely through your body and assist you in becoming a whole, healthy, human being. In Tantric lovemaking, you direct the sexual energy that is passionately building in your genitals up through your chakra centers, share it with your lover, and pass it on to the universe. The more balanced and open these centers are, the easier it will be for you to move your energy. I will teach you practices and meditations to attune and balance your chakras and help you connect more deeply to your partner.

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